A very talented and lovely lady, Rosellen Dick, wrote this poem and sent it to me recently. The poem describes how I feel about Maggi and always will.



Maggi Reading

“She walks with you still as you journey through life.
Within your heart she lives for ever your love for each other still strong not broken by the ties of life and death but rather transformed into a knowing, a becoming, a living breathing part of you.
As waves upon the sandy shore she laps gently now upon the sea of eternity.
Merely moving to the rhythm of a different heart beat, to a far away place, and though you cannot see or touch her she speaks to you when the sunshine warms your cheek and the raindrops fall as tears from your eyes.
She is there beside you as you travel through the unknown paths ahead.
She is there in your heart and has helped  to shape the man you are.
She is blessed to have loved like this and you are blessed to have received and given love in this way
She will always be  a part of you.”

I am sure you will agree that this is a beautiful and highly appropriate sentiment.

Thank you Rosellen so much.

Ian Morrison November 2011