Maggi in the Queen's Park
Maggi in the Queen’s Park in the 1980s

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I am so sorry to tell you that Maggi Morrison died suddenly on August 23rd 2011.

Maggi suffered a Pulmonary Embolism about 6 years ago and we thought we had lost her then but after a time in intensive care she pulled through. Sadly she suffered another and, unlike the last time, the doctors at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary were unable to save her.

As many people already know Maggi had quite specific wishes on her death. In line with her wishes there was a private cremation and her ashes were scattered at sea near the island of Lindisfarne (Holy Island) off the coast of Northumberland. Her brother Keith and husband Ian scattered the ashes from a boat in sight of Lindisfarne Castle and Priory ( see scattering at Lindisfarne on the menu). Read more about Lindisfarne

Maggi is survived by her husband Ian and you can contact Ian by email. If you want Ian to phone you then please give him your phone number.

Ian Morrison  2011

“The massage is for young and old alike and helps to reduce 
stress and tensions in the head, neck and shoulders, improves 
circulation and imparts a general feeling of well being. “

– Maggi Morrison